The FromDoertoLeader Model

Behind the development program is the FromDoertoLeader™ model. Developed by executive coaches it is based on the finding that in overwhelming situations managers have a strong tendency to get to their comfort zone, ie: action, instead of taking a step back, time to think and get a vision.

The model features 4 levels of leadership:

Leaders level 1 & 2, who are involved and operational. They understand day-to-day issues and closely monitor their team. However, this is not sufficient to accomplish challenging missions requiring strong and creative leadership skills.


Leaders level 3 & 4, who work with a vision and strategy. They organize, delegate, and empower their teams. Even though “doing” remains an important part of a Leader’s job, vision and delegation are key to accomplish extraordinary objectives.

The Five Key Success Factors

The study of hundreds of successful leaders’ behaviors identified 5 success factors they all have in common.


Get things done: Team is everything, and delegation to team members a must. Leaders who don’t rely on their team because they don’t trust them or are afraid to lose power cannot grow.

Gain self-awareness: To know oneself and the desire to gain more self-knowledge are essential. Knowing our strengths allows us to grow; knowing our limits allows us to question ourselves and be able to better monitor our risks. Getting to know others enables us to understand them better and to improve our communication.


Get a vision: What is my role in the company? Am I comfortable describing my mission, sharing my vision, framing my action in the context of my business and my area of work? no one can act blindly without weighing the stakes. How is it possible to manage priorities without a clear vision of what we want to achieve?


Ask for Help: No one is an expert in everything, asking for advice is a sound practice in decision making and shows that one knows its limits. A leader must seek advice internally from HR to IT or legal when necessary. A healthy practice is also to solicit external experts, seek advice, conduct market researches.


Think: Avoiding immediate and emotional responses, taking time to assess and think before action seems to be obvious, but often forgotten.


Depending on the scope of the mission of the manager and the types of characters in the team, these sections are not fixed and may be in varying proportions. Yet they must all be present for any leader.


The model is based on positive psychology where a combination of consciousness and the implementation of step by step actions is a proven method to implement durable behavioral changes.

Consciousness Starts with Awareness

The assessment and report:

The online assessment test evaluates the level of the subject in each of the five success factors, on a range from 1 to 4. There are no good or bad answers, the goal is to assess the leadership style and lay the groundwork of consciousness. What kind of manager am I?


A detailed report provides the subject with his level for each of the 5 success factors as well as a global rating, also from 1 to 4. The report also offers analysis and suggestions for improvement.


Durable Changes Start with Education

The assessment is just a start, knowing and being able to understand the 5 key success factors is the key to improve.


Whether it is a group workshop provided by a FromDoertoLeader™ certified coach/talent management consultant or a package of individual coaching sessions, the next step is to get trained on the principle of FromDoertoLeader™ to become conscious of how behavior in the 5 success factors affect leadership style.



By working on a case study, participants identify the key leadership success factors. They reflect on how this applies to their behavior in their day to day job.


The model of the 5 key success factors is then explained in detail with examples.


In the second part of the workshop, participants compare and analyze their results from the assessment with what they learned and then design a roadmap for applying the learned principle to their role.


The FromDoertoLeader™ workshop is very hands-on, the subject gets an action plan he can apply step by step.



Coaching Sessions

If this more individual next step is chosen, the coach trains the client on the model of consciousness and the 5 key success factors and do coach him on how they can be applied in his role.

Only certified partners, who have been trained through the formal assessment process are qualified to deliver workshops,  training sessions or any form of training they think are suitable for their clients.

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