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What is From Doer To Leader™?

In a Meeting

“A tool to Deepen  understanding of your own and others leadership style”

FromDoerToLeader™  is an assessment tool used by thousands of people every year to help them uncover and improve their personal and professional leadership. 


A simple and actionable tool


 FromDoerToLeader™ makes it easy to understand your own profile and work on a development plan. The tool provides an easy common language that people can use to better interact, work together and grow as leader.

What does FromDoerToLeader™ mean?

It means important foundational ideas: 


Each one of us has the potential to grow as a leader with more consciousness and awareness of where he is right now. 


Leadership is Consciousness: this is one of the starting points of the model. Working long hours, being a Doer, trying to always achieve more is counterproductive and to a certain extend leads to a failure. 


Leadership can be measured by the ability to step back from action with more vision, self-awareness, delegation, thinking and ability to ask for help. Those are the 5 Key To Success Factors in our model.


With that in mind, any leader keeps a Doer dimension whatever his situation.


The model assesses 4 categories of leaders: L1, L2, L3, L4 leaders


L1 & L2 are mostly in execution and action mode 


L3 & L4 are mostly  in big picture and, in stepping back from action 


The model is build on the idea that there is no good or bad in your leadership style, just an opportunity to learn more about what type of leader you are. With that in mind, depending on the type  of   job you are doing, your personality type and your goals, you can leverage some of the key to success factors and grow as la leader.   

Why Use FromDoerToLeader™

FromDoerToLeader™ is used by many organizations in order to do 3 things: empower their people, foster cooperation, encourage personal development. 


Empower their people.


-Vision as the starting point of action

-Foster a culture of responsibility

“I know why I am doing things, I am not just only doing things”-“I do on purpose, I do meaningful things”.


Foster cooperation


-cooperation, co-lead and co-construction versus solitary work

-Delegation is strongly encourage each time I am not the expert


Encourage personal development.


-Think first environment, developing critical and strategic thinking  skills

-develop self-awareness

The FromDoerToLeader™ assessment and plan helped me to gauge my strengths and weaknesses and allow me to drastically change my behavior as a leader in a few week. I ask all my team members to take it, anyone can and must be a leader! Alan Derwatt - IT.

The FromDoerToLeader™ Difference


FromDoerToLeader™ is a leadership development program based on years of experience. The satisfaction level amongst trainees, measured by their effective results, is close to 100%. 


FromDoertoLeader™ is an easy process. The online assessment comes with a report that gives clear results and enables to set up clear goals.


FromDoerToLeader™ is based on simple, easy-to-learn, and actionable concepts. Managers can measure the impact of their new behaviors on their performances.

Transformative Experience

The personalized action plan and coaching session provide positive and lasting transformation. 


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