Develop Your Leadership Skills

With years of experience of coaching international managers and executives, we learned that improving leadership skills can be achieved with simple steps. 


Research and experience show that managers spend too much time doing instead of leading and there are 5 key behaviors to improve leadership skills.


FromDoerToLeader™ is a development program specifically designed to help managers assess where they are in their leadership journey and guide them to develop their leadership skills. 


Developed by experienced executive coaches, the program includes an Online Assessment and Personalized Report of the manager's leadership style and a Development Guide.

The FromDoerToLeader™ Difference


FromDoerToLeader™ is a leadership development program based on years of experience. The satisfaction level amongst trainees, measured by their effective results, is close to 100%. 


FromDoertoLeader™ is an easy process. The online assessment comes with a report that gives clear results and enables to set up clear goals, with or without the help of an external coach.


FromDoerToLeader™ is based on simple, easy-to-learn, and actionable concepts. Managers can measure the impact of their new behaviors on their performances.

Transformative Experience

Personalized results and action plan, Development Guide and / or coaching session provides positive and lasting transformation. 

The FromDoerToLeader™ Model

Behind the program is the FromDoerToLeader™ model. Developed by executive coaches, it is based on the finding that in overwhelming situations managers have a strong tendency to get to their comfort zone, ie: Doing instead of Leading.


The study of hundreds of successful leaders identifies 5 behaviors they all practice to overcome this tendency and lead effectively their team.


 Knowing our strengths allows us to grow; knowing our limits allows us to question ourselves and be able to better monitor our risks. Getting to know others enables us to understand them better and to improve our communication.


What is my role in the company? Am I comfortable describing my mission, sharing my vision, framing my action in the context of my business and my area of work? no one can act blindly without weighing the stakes. How is it possible to manage priorities without a clear vision of what we want to achieve?


Team is everything, and delegation to team members a must. Leaders who don’t rely on their team because they don’t trust them or are afraid to lose power cannot grow.


No one is an expert in everything, asking for advice is a sound practice in decision making and shows that one knows its limits. A leader must seek advice internally from HR to IT or legal when necessary. A healthy practice is also to solicit external experts, seek advice, conduct market researches.


Avoiding immediate and emotional responses, taking time to assess and think before action seems to be obvious, but often forgotten.

Two Steps to Improve your Leadership Skills

The program includes an online ASSESSMENT with its Personalized REPORT of the manager's leadership style, and a step by step DEVELOPMENT GUIDE to improve leadership skills. Additionally, participants can reach out one of our CERTIFIED PARTNERS for a more personalized development plan.


& Report

Understand Where You Are

The assessment scores the manager on each of the key factors, the report provides a clear picture of their leadership skills and a personalized action plan to improve them.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete.



Discover the Key Behavior

The Guide is a step by step method, it explains the model in details, provide valuable insight about leadership  skills, key success factors of proven leaders and actionable rules to become one.

The Guide helps envision change and design a program aligned with the type of job, team, and personal objectives.

How to Get Started

Select a plan, create an account, take the assessment and report only, or combine with the development guide. By creating an account you'll be able to return to your products anytime.


If you wish to go further, contact a Certified Partner to debrief your assessment and start your personalized coaching sessions, your journey to better leadership.




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