To Become Leaders

Helping managers improve their leadership skills is a crucial challenge in today’s fast-paced business environment. But it is also a strong differentiator in terms of growth, performances and talent retention. 

A Comprehensive Program to Grow

From Doer to Leader

FromDoertoLeader™ is a comprehensive development program, based on years of executive coaching for leaders and managers. It is specifically designed to help them assess where they are in their leadership journey and focused on their number 1 issue: time. 


Developed by experienced executive coaches, the program includes an online and comprehensive assessment of the leadership style of the manager, a step-by-step individual coaching approach and a small-group interactive workshop.


The assessment’s results come with an individual report that gives a precise picture of where the manager is on the key factors of success, as well as his areas of development and focus.

Who Can Benefit from “FromDoertoLeader

FromDoertoLeader™ is designed for middle to upper managers in medium to large organizations who need to improve their leadership skills. In fast-paced business environments, overwhelmed managers have a tendency to rush for action and forget strategizing and thinking. The FromDoertoLeader™ program helps them be more in control of their level of consciousness on their concrete actions.

2 Steps to Improve Your Leadership Skills



The Assessment and Report

Observation of the key behaviors of highly successful leaders over the past 10 years shows that there are 5 success factors to be a more effective leader

The assessment scores the manager on each of those 5 key factors and gives a global rating on the level of leadership on a ranking from 1 to 4.

The report explains the model, the 5 key factors and provides a detailed explanation of the results of the manager. It also suggests the first steps to improve and to implement an action plan.



The Training


Whether the manager signs for a workshop or for individual coaching sessions, the first step is becoming more aware of his own management style and how it affects his performances.

The second step is to envision change and design a plan that is aligned with his type of job, team, and objectives. Without that, the plan will be not actionable.

Your Benefits


FromDoertoLeader™ is a program developed by coaches and based on years of experience. The satisfaction level amongst trainees, measured by the interest and effectiveness of the model and the concepts, is close to 100%.​

Increase Employees Satisfaction

FromDoertoLeader™ contributes to more satisfaction and a sense of contribution amongst managers and employees in the workplace.

Retain and Develop Talent

Providing leadership programs to high potentials is a sure way to retain those future leaders in the organization. FromDoertoLeader™ is a disruptive approach totally aligned with the objective of retaining talents.  


FromDoertoLeader™ is based on simple, easy-to-learn and actionable concepts. Managers can measure the impact of their new behaviors on their performances.   


Increase productivity

Personalized action plan help managers apply simple and efficient rules that leads to better productivity. 



An assessment taken online, a step-by-step coaching approach focused on changes and areas of needs, and a powerful 3 hours workshop: FromDoertoLeader™ is as simple as that !

FromDoertoLeader™ is provided by Certified Partners only,

experienced coaches and talent management consultants.

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