Leadership Development Specialist

FromDoertoLeader™ is the result of a teamwork of diverse international profiles: executive coaches, linguists, statisticians, and data analysts.


The original approach was created in 2017 by Odile Carru, Executive and Corporate coach, MBA, PCC.


It was based on the observation that a common trait of her clients, managers in large organizations, was often the feeling and complaint of being constantly overwhelmed. This was a big hurdle to develop more leadership and bring creativity and critical thinking to their work.  


Odile was looking for a methodology in order to empower them to be more the leader of their own actions and conscious of how they can step back with more vision and awareness of their environment. 


She started using her model with her own clients with great success and decided to develop the assessment.


Odile is a firm believer that leadership is directly connected to consciousness, which is a central concept in her theoretical approach.  

Watch a presentation of the model at the "Positive Psychology Forum" in Utrecht in 2019


FromDoertoLeader™ is a trademark of Differentcoaching LLC. a firm dedicated to executive and professional coaching as well as developing coaching tools, founded in 2012 in the United States and serving both in the American and European markets with a sister company in Paris, France.