What is a FromDoertoLeader™

Certified Partner

FromDoertoLeader™ is provided by Certified Partners only. We select experienced coaches and talent management consultants. We train you to master the assessment, the coaching methodology, and the workshop. Additionally, we provide business development support, continuous education and wholesale pricing to help you add value to your business.

Who can Become a FromDoertoLeader™

Certified Partner

Executive Coaches

Talent Management consultants

You already have experience in coaching or consulting for managers or leaders and you look for additional skills to better serve them? FromDoertoLeader™ comes with full training and material to help build your ambition.

Your love your clients


You want to maintain a close personalized relationship with your clients and keep control of the expertise you provide them. FromDoertoLeader™ support team provides you with the assessment and methodology but you remain the only entry point for your clients. 

Business network


You are willing to leverage or increase your customer base by providing your clients with additional tools and help them increase the leadership skills of their managers: FromDoertoLeader™ does that for you !

Why becoming a Certified Partner


FromDoertoLeader™ ​has been developed by experienced executive coaches. The program has been tested in real situations and is continuously improved with new statistics and research.


Fly Above the Crowd

FromDoertoLeader™  differs from all other assessments on the market: beyond the operational dimensions for any manager who wants to improve,  it offers a theoretical framework that opens up to new avenues in terms of leadership. 

Add Value to your customer's Talent Management

​FromDoertoLeader™ is disruptive and allows your customers to offer new creative ways of thinking to their High Potential in terms of performances and leadership.

Add Skills to your Portfolio

FromDoertoLeader™ adds value to your existing skills. As a professional coach or talent development consultant, you will become a leadership expert able to help anyone enhance his leadership potential  . 

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