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Working Together

Develop your Best Talent’s Leadership Skills
for a Better Organization

In a Meeting

A Simple Solution to Help Managers Become Leaders

FromDoerToLeader™ assess existing and future managers on 5 proven leadership key behaviors and build for them a personalized development plan to improve their leadership skills. With FDTL your managers and executives spend more time “leading” and less “doing”. Promote the right talent to build a leadership culture and retain longer.

Two Steps to Build Leaders!

The program includes an online ASSESSMENT with its Personalized REPORT of the manager's leadership style. One of our CERTIFIED PARTNERS delivers the report with a personalized development plan with or without coaching sessions to follow up progress

& Report

Understand Where

Your Managers Are

The assessment scores the manager on each of the key factors, the report provides a clear picture of their leadership skills, their strenghs and the one to improve.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Personalized Development Plan 

Provide a Clear Step by Step 

Plan towards Leadership 

The personalized development plan is  designed for anyone who wants to dig into his own results and make the best of them.


It is better understood with a couple of coaching sessions by one of our certified partner

It is Not Enough to Promote a Skilled Employee,
He Needs to Learn Leadership!

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